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Scholarship Guidelines for 2018

Eligibility -
To be eligible to apply for a scholarship you must be a music student (guitar/bass students receive higher priority, but we have previously awarded for other instruments), 19 or under, currently taking lessons in Shawnee County or intending to take lessons if receiving financial assistance will allow them to do so. Please read the application rules below carefully, and submit e-mails on time. You could be awarded up to four months of free lessons – paid by Jam4Dan to your instructor!

Application -
The application will consist of three parts.
(see below for options to submit - Grammar, punctuation, spelling and other components of quality writing will be considered when scoring the student-written parts.)

  • Part 1 (written by the student and/or parent/guardian) - a basic statement of need for a scholarship. What challenges already exist or are possibly on the horizon that might make it difficult for the student and/or his or her family to pay for lessons?
  • Part 2 (written by the student) - a reflection by the student of the impact the instrument, the instruction/instructor, or the study of music in general, to express how these items have positively affected his or her life.
  • Part 3 (written by the instructor) - an assessment of the student's commitment to his or her instruction and the instrument in general.

Submit -

  • PLEASE NOTE: Applications will not be considered complete until all three parts of the application have been received as outlined above. It is also important to include both email and phone contact info for the instructor and student (or parent/guardian). This link does not support email accessed via the web. In that case, use the email address scholarship at jam4dan dot com.
  • Click here for a printable PDF copy of these instructions

Deadlines -
The deadline for submission will be March 9, 2018. Recipients will be notified by March 26, and checks will be issued to instructors by April 9, 2018.

* The Dan Falley Memorial Fund & Scholarships Trustees for 2018 are:
Mike Fox, Joel Edison, Katie Turner, Danl Blackwood, JD Bloomar, Bill Beasley, Mike Powell and Penny Renner.

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Scholarship Recipients for 2017

The Jam4Dan Trustees are pleased to announce the scholarship honorees for 2017. Over $1000 raised during
Jam4DanX will be awarded on behalf of the five to the instructors of the following:

The 2017 honorees (listed with their instructors):
Hailie Culp* (Curtis Prosser)
Kayla Nickles (David Schaffer)
Evan McWilliams (Sean Walker)
Fred Davis (David Liston)
Sarah Large* (Zach Israel)
* previous honoree

All applicants received an award. The awards ranged from $100 to $300, depending on the instrument, need and student impact statement.

The Trustees also want to express their appreciation for all those that volunteered their time, including all the sponsors, musicians, and those helping produce the show. It clearly could not be done without all of that tremendous volunteer support Jam4Dan has enjoyed since 2008.

Be sure to check out all the great pictures from this and past events on the Jam4Dan Media Page.

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The Dan Falley Memorial Fund & Scholarship
Past Awards

Scholarship Recipients for 2016

The Jam4Dan Trustees were pleased announce the scholarship recipients for 2016. With funds raised at Jam4Dan9, The Dan Falley Memorial Fund awarded $5,275.00 this year with a record number of 32 award recipients. Every complete application received an award, ranging from $50.00 to $350.00. Thanks to all the patrons, volunteer musicians, volunteers, and our Jam4Dan Trustees for making this happen. This year makes our total well over $25,000 in individual scholarships since our inception. Dan would be proud!

The 2016 honorees (listed with their instructors):
Manitha "Nini" Brandt, Zakai Oquendo, and Victoria Searles (LeRoy DuBois)
Dakota Clinton, Jake McCune, and Tevin Slaton (Gary Gibeson)
Christopher Belk, Thomas Holcomb, and Sarah Large (Zach Israel)
Seth Shumaker and Kasey Sturgeon (Chip Janda)
Luke Family (Joseph, William, and Patrick), and Tatum McDonald (Jaron Marcus)
Marley Abbey, Eli Holcomb, Gary Jensen, Brianna Pagan, and Carolyn Shump (Matt Mirsch)
Hailie Culp, Henry Mason, Taylor Mayfield, and Patrick O'Gara (Curtis Prosser)
Emma Meek and Kelley Meredith (David Schaffer)
Jayden Johnson (Kathy DuBois); Walter Evans (Michele Flanagan); Skylar Kendall (Justin Fowler); Austin Oswalt (Chuck Higgins); Ciara Collins (Danny Lytle); David Lowry (Kurt Morrow); Masen Bosworth (Kenzie Phillips); Devon Martin (R.J. Soldani)

Be sure to check out all the great pictures from this and past events on the Jam4Dan Media Page.

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Scholarship Recipients for 2015

The Jam4Dan trustees were pleased to announce seventeen local youth were awarded a total of $4,575 in scholarships, money raised at Jam4Dan8. This brings the total amount awarded since 2009 to over $20,000.

The honorees (listed with their instructors) include:
Patrick O'Gara and Hailie Culp (Curtis Prosser)
Adison Stallons, Josh Faulk, Amy Mentzer, Tamara Baker, and Austin Oswalt (Chuck Higgins)
Lane Casey, Maisie Cowdin, and Natalie Whitt (Chip Janda)
Jayce Yoder (R.J. Soldani)
Elijah Grindal (Bob Glick)
Ephriam Grindal (Matt Mirsch)
Kalyssa Crumpton (Justin Shelton)
Dalton Price (Gary Gibeson)
Kasey Sturgeon and Taber Schrock (Zach Israel)

Be sure to check out all the great pictures from this and past events on the Jam4Dan Media Page.


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Scholarship Recipients for 2014

The trustees of the Dan Falley Memorial Fund were pleased to announce 20 Shawnee County youth, the most ever, earned Jam4Dan music scholarships ranging from $100 to $350. Almost $5,000 of scholarship were awarded as a result of the generosity of Topeka musicians, merchants and music lovers displayed at Jam4Dan7.

The students earning scholarship, along with their instructors, were:
Alec Butcher, Conner Cox, Audrey Nightengale, and Molly Peterson (Ross Williams)
Nicholas Kandagaye, Jaxon Roberts, and Jaiden Roberts (LeRoy Dubois)
Alex Fry, Amy Mentzer, and Clinton Petrie (Chuck Higgins)
Gabriel Mendoza and Michael Mendoza (Forrest Evans)
Emily Casteen and Keillor Roberts (Kristi Baker)
Jayce Yoder and Geordan Shaffer (R.J. Soldani)
Blaine Fry (Brock Chart)
Devon Hanna (Jayme Green)
Jacob Dittman (Gary Gibeson)
Garrison Baker Vernon (Shawn O'Trimble)

Be sure to check out all the great pictures from this and past events on the Jam4Dan Media Page.


Scholarship Recipients for 2013

Jam4Dan6 was a great success on all counts, and thanks to the generosity of our sponsors and the hundreds of people who attended, the Trustees of the Dan Falley Memorial Fund and Scholarships were proud to announce a total of sixteen scholarship awards for 2013. Ranging from $150 to $300 and totaling $5,500, there were ten in the first round, five more in a first ever “Second Chance to Dance,” and a special $500 Shirley Renner Memorial Scholar award.

The ten first round students awarded scholarships, along with their instructors, are:
Savannah Guy (Erik Oldberg)
Garrison Vernon (Shawn O'Trimble)
Sophie Arvizu, Justin Carswell, and James Hensley (Chip Janda)
Eric Smith, Michael Mendoza, and Tommy Stokes (Forrest Evans)
Joel Wright and Alex Pfeifer (Dave Schaffer)

Five students awarded scholarships in the “Second Chance to Dance”, along with their instructors, are:
Hunter Hill (Dave Schaffer)
Clinton Petrie (Chuck Higgins)
Dulce Cortes, Tristen Corona, and Samantha Latka (Zach Israel)

Three of the second round awards were, for the first time, to drum students who submitted applications the J4D Trustees found compelling.

2013 Shirley Renner Memorial Scholar

A special award this year was presented to Forrest Evans, a former Jam4Dan scholarship recipient. He was named the Shirley Renner Memorial Scholar, which carried a stipend of $500. Ms. Renner, who passed away just before the event, supported the Jam4Dan effort from its inception.


2012 scholarship recipients
Ten scholarships were awarded from the proceeds of Jam4Dan V, ranging from $200 to $300. Thanks to the generosity of our sponsors and the hundreds of people who attended Jam4Dan V, we were pleased to increase our total award funded to $2500 - 60% more than the previous year!. The winners were selected on submissions that included statement of need, teacher recommendation and student reflection. Additionally all 2012 recipients received a Jam4Dan V t-shirt! Student certificates, vendor certificates, and checks for instructors were issued on April 22, 2012.

Tristan Fulzenloger, Sean Arndt, James Hensley, Nate Kloos (students of Chip Janda)
David Lowry, Eric Smith (students of former recipient Forrest Evans)
Anna Newcome, Malissa Newcome, Thomas Bell (students of Chuck Higgins)
Alex Pfeifer (student of Dave Schaffer)


2011 scholarship recipients
Fifteen scholarships derived from Jam4Dan IV proceeds were given this past year. They ranged from $175 to $75. In total, almost $1800 of scholarships were funded. Seven of the winners were awarded scholarships the previous year. The winners were selected on submissions that included statement of need, teacher recommendation and student reflection. The entries were held to high standards of writing to promote communication skills beyond the musical ones the students are developing.

Recipients: Fallyn and Cael O’Malley; Jonathan Ostler; Tre, Elijah and Jamais Stewart; Brandon Clabaugh; Tristen Fulzenloger; Seth May; David Sutherland; Brandon Dekat; Taylor Medina; Chas Gideon; Micheal Brooks and Sean Arndt.


2010 scholarship recipients
The proceeds of Jam4Dan III, held January 2010, allowed us to distribute $3200 in scholarship awards from from the Dan Falley Memorial Fund to Sixteen area youth. Recipients each received from $100 to $300 worth of guitar and bass lessons from local instructors.

Sean Arndt, Fallyn O’Malley, Cael O’Malley, Jamias Stewart, Elijah Steward, Tre Stewart, Lucas Farmer, Seymour Farmer, Sean Donnelly, Forrest Evans, John Sanchez, Natalie Haushalter, Tristan Fulzenloger, Emily Hollaway, Sierra Mason, and Samantha Crouse.

While we hope to expand the scope of students eligible for scholarships, unfortunately we don't have the funding yet to accomplish that. Maybe you can help? This year however we are expanding the eligibility to include students that have not yet started taking lessons.


2009 scholarship recipients
Dyllan Donald, Joseph Miller, and Keaton Meeks

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