Press Release March 30, 2013

2013 Shirley Renner Memorial Scholarship


2013 Shirley Renner Memorial Scholarship Recipient: Forrest Evans

It is with great pride and appreciation that the Dan Falley Memorial Fund and Scholarships Trustees name Forrest Parker Evans of Topeka, KS the Shirley Renner Memorial Scholar. This scholarship award, with a cash stipend of $500.00, was made possible by the numerous donations from friends and family of Shirley Renner who passed away January 17, 2013 on the eve of Jam4Dan6.

Wishing to honor Shirley, her love of music, and her support of Jam4Dan, the trustees have chosen a scholar with similar beliefs. Many knew Shirley as "Aunt Shirley" because of her outgoing personality, love of people, and selfless giving. She was a singer and banjo player, finding great happiness when attending the Walnut Valley Bluegrass Festival in Winfield, KS. Her memorial gathering centered on her love of music and was attended by numerous friends and family.

Forrest Parker Evans is 19 and a freshman at Washburn University. He is an honors student majoring in music education. Having been taught from a young age by many, who nurtured his love of music, it is his hope to share that which he has been given with others. He has received numerous honors, including being the youngest ever finger-style guitar champion at Kansas State Fiddling and Picking Championships in 2011. Forrest is also a 2010 Jam4Dan Scholarship recipient.

Forrest instructs students to support his higher educational pursuits. He performs with The Orphans of Smooth Jazz playing both a guitar and bass. His talents are shared with various community organizations, including the Topeka VA and local nursing homes. Many of his performances are available for viewing at

From his 2010 Jam4Dan scholarship application, Forrest writes: "Music is everywhere, in that beat of your own heart, in the rhythm of each step you take, each word you form in your mouth, in blowing wind, and even the turn of a page. Music is what puts a spring in your step and helps you find love in life." Forrest is most certainly a worthy recipient of this honor. His parents are Andrew and Sheryl Evans of Topeka.

The 2013 Jam4Dan Trustees are: Mike Fox, Joel Edison, Tom Krebs, Danl Blackwood, J.D. Bloomar, Chris Aytes, and Ed Carmona.

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